John's Creek Chiropractor Offers Family Wellness Care!

In John's Creek, Chiropractic patients can choose a Chiropractor with state-of-the-art services in a loving family-friendly atmosphere. Dr. Chris Axon is the Chiropractor in John's Creek who wants you to get well – live well – be well.

At Absolute Health Care Center, we focus on much more than alleviating pain.  In our John's Creek Chiropractic office we offer the whole family a wide range of wellness programs and services to get you healthy and keep you healthy, including:

Pediatric & Pregnancy Care     Sports/Extremity Adjusting      Exercise & Rehab Therapy

Electric Muscle Stimulation      Nutritional Counseling     Vitamins & Supplements

Massage Therapy     Ionic Detoxification        Weight Loss

Bio-Energetic Testing (Coming Soon)      Neurofeedback (Coming Soon)

John's Creek Chiropractor, Dr. Chris Axon explains, "With great health comes more energy, more lively kids (and parents), more joy, more personality, more laughs, more ease, more quality time and most importantly, a higher quality of life."
We show our patients that true "health care" starts with realizing that our health is our most valuable possession and then creating a healthy lifestyle to maintain it.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most caring and family friendly John's Creek Chiropractors in the area, give our office a call today!

Absolute Health Care Centers

Dr. Chris Axon | 770-889-4800

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